Welcome to meaphone stores!

We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who decided to convert their common international experience in technologies, management, trade and business development into a series of high-end online e-commerce stores like meaphone.com. We are currently developing other specialized stores covering a multitude of industries in which we are involved. We hope that you will like meaphone stores as much as we do and have a great shopping experience here. Our prime goal is to create safe and secure online shops which will give our valued customers great and pleasant shopping experience from the comfort of their homes, equal or superior to that of traditional shopping practices.

Our group history

1999: Launch of meaphone stores

meaphone stores have been in business since 1999 where the main physical location of the mother company MIG Holding Group Inc. was established. A four storey building located in the heart of the business crowded Thai capital, Bangkok, at 87 Sukhumvit Rd., 5 Soi Nai Lert  precisely. Our first stores, occupied an area of 500 sqm at the ground, second and third floors, fully dedicated to the service and repair of mobile handsets, as well as the trade of mobile phones accessories in the local and international markets. Hundreds of traders from around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas trusted us and relied on our professional services and the full dedication of our friendly staff to complete their business deals and transactions in record time. Some of the services we offered to our valued wholesale customers included visa and travel assistance, hotel booking, airport escort, merchandise consolidation and shipping. Our unique services permitted our customers to spend very little time in the finalization of their business deals so that they can spend more time enjoying sight seeing and personal activities around the capital.

2001: Construction of factory

Following the great success of our wholesale business, we have decided to establish our own factory in order to overcome the shortage of supplies in particular those related to the mobile phones accessories. A small factory occupied an approximate area of 70% of the ground floor at our head office. The in-house design and manufacturing of our elegant and robust accessories progressively replaced the outsourced supplies. A few months later, the factory took over the remaining ground floor space to become fully dedicated to the fulfillment of our international wholesale business. The retail business was no longer our main activity since our focus was on getting fast turnover instead.

2001: Launch of the online retail platform

meaphone stores open once again to the retail business, but this time through our eCommerce platform meaphone.com. A robust and fully secured platform trusted and loved by hundreds of returning customers from around the world. Operating from our own hosted servers in Bangkok, it was until 2008 that we have decided to shift from our own IT systems to the newly cloud hosted platforms based in USA so that we can focus on our main trade business instead of focusing on the heavy and resource consuming IT support.

2018: Launch of the new online meaphone stores

This is where we stand by now, the newly launched online store is only accessible at https://www.meaphone.com (please make sure to open https link instead of http to guarantee that you are effectively browsing our secured platform). We hope that we will continue to gain our valued customers trust to whom we owe most of our business success. While we continue to honor the fulfilment of our retail customers daily requirements, we also continue enjoying the work with our wholesale customers around the world. With our international business, come the requirements of establishing bonds with international partners in particular freight and shipment forwarding, storage and other business partners. Our USA based warehousing and shipment forwarding partner is Borderlinx DHL, located in Ohio, from that location we are able to serve local and international destinations fast and securely.